Why Buy A Mercedes-Benz AMG Vehicle

What Makes AMG Models Unique?

Affalterbach. Home of driving performance. Our headquarters in the south of Germany. These three distinctive letters embody a legacy of automotive high performance, exclusivity and dynamic driving pleasure. Mercedes-Benz AMG specializes in unique, high-performance vehicles; SUVs, coupes, cabriolets, roadsters and specifically built one-off models constitute a product portfolio which meets a driver’s every wish.

Benefits Of AMG Vehicles

Powerful Engines

The first advantage to buying a Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicle is horsepower. The engineers at Mercedes-Benz work hard to provide their drivers with the most powerful engines available in their class. enz work hard to provide their drivers with the most powerful engines availableee

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Driving Dynamics

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vehicles are meant to be driven fast. The responsive chassis and suspension have been fine tuned over countless years to create an unparalleled vehicle handling and driving experience without sacrificing on performance. sacrificing on performance sacrificingg.

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Fine Craftsmanship

Built inside out, Mercedes-AMG vehicles reflect the design philosophy of form that follows function. The result is a powerful presence from the driver’s seat to the headlights. Merecedes-Benz AMG models also offer a wide range of customization options to suit your personal style.

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One Man, One Engine

One man, one engine-highly qualified manual assembly in Affalterbach. In contrast to large-series production, every Mercedes-AMG engine is traditionally assembled by hand according to the “one-man, one engine” philosophy. A single AMG technician assembles the complete engine in the AMG engine shop in Affalterbach, and is therefore responsible for everything from the installation of the crankshaft in the engine block to the assembly of the camshaft and the cables and oil fill-up-his signature is then put on the engine plate.

Performance Driving Experience

Our AMG owners receive the thrilling opportunity to put their driving skills to the test while harnessing the true power of their AMG vehicle at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. With your AMG purchase you receive an exclusive invitation to our AMG Driving Experience program held at our state-of-the-art partner motorsport facility. You will be coached by an experienced team of driving instructors as you take on 19 challenings corners of track and push yourself and your AMG to the limit.

Driving Thrills Await

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