How-To Videos

Learn how to pair your phone, use COMAND®, and more.

Smart Phone Integration

Apple CarPlay
Learn how to connect and use Apple CarPlay™ with your Mercedes-Benz. Apple CarPlay lets you enjoy a variety of apps via an interface that looks and works like your iPhone®. Here’s how.

Smart Phone Integration

Android Auto
Learn how to connect and use Android Auto™ with your Mercedes-Benz. Android Auto™ lets you enjoy a variety of apps via an interface that looks and works like your Android phone. Here’s how.

Driver Assistance Systems

Cruise Control

It’s easy to go with the flow of traffic, when you can speed up or slow down by increments of 5 km/h. End your cruise-control session with a tap of the brake – or restore it just as quickly. Here’s how.

Driver Assistance Systems

HOLD Function

Whether you’re maneuvering the vehicle on a hill or just waiting in traffic, the HOLD Function can help. See how activation is cleverly integrated into the movement of the brake pedal. Watch now.

Driver Assistance Systems


DISTRONIC PLUS® cruise control automatically adapts your set speed to the vehicle ahead, even if it slows to a stop. Learn how to operate its features to make driving in traffic easier than ever.

Lights and Mirrors

Garage Door Opener

Few features are more convenient than your garage door opener. And it can be programmed to your vehicle quickly and easily. Watch the video for a complete demonstration.

Window and Wipers

Windshield Wipers

Control your wipers—specific to how the rain is falling. Various settings such as two intermittent speeds, two continuous speeds and more are all designed to perform one function: help you have a clear view on even the stormiest of days. Just watch.

Window and Wipers

Summer Opening/Convenience Closing

Every driver in the summer knows the feeling: it’s hotter inside the vehicle than out. Now you can cool the cabin before you enter it—remotely. Open the sunroof and all the windows and, if so equipped, activate the ventilated seats. Take a look.

Doors, Locks, & Seats

Active Multi Contour Seats

From a rejuvenating “hot stone” massage to added support when and where you need it most, the active multi contour seats in the S-Class can make driving to the spa more refreshing than the spa itself.

Engine and Transmission

Keyless Go®

If it’s equipped with KEYLESS-GO®, your vehicle can be locked or unlocked without taking your key out of your pocket. Even close the sunroof or a window just by touching and holding the KEYLESS-GO® sensor surface until the item is shut. View now.


Sirius XM

Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle equipped with satellite radio includes a six-month trial of the Sirius All-Access Package. With the All-Access Package, you get every channel available on your car radio, along with the freedom to listen to Sirius XM anywhere via the Internet or the app on your mobile device.


Bluetooth Audio Pairing

Pair your Bluetooth phone with the hands-free system in your vehicle by using the in-dash COMAND® system’s pairing process.With subsequent prompts that are easy to follow, it has never been this simple. Get started now.

System Settings

Clock Setting (COMAND®)

The clock in your vehicle uses GPS to set the time automatically. So you really only need to adjust it to account for daylight saving time or if you’re driving into a different time zone. Here’s how to do it.

System Settings

Voice Control

Find out how you can use Voice Control’s individualization feature to better recognize your voice – control the navigation, phonebook and audio system with minimal distraction.

System Settings

Instrument Cluster

A vivid, re-configurable 12.3-inch digital display presents vital information in crisp detail. Clear, elegant analog-style gauges flank an animated multi-function display, all easily operated by steering-wheel controls.

System Settings

Climate Controls

From detailed adjustments to fully automatic control, the S-Class climate control tends to your comfort in any season, on any drive. The intuitive, illustrated menus of COMAND® let you enjoy it to the fullest.

Touch Pad Operation

Touch Pad Operation

The new C-Class. The best knows no alternative. Discover the Mercedes-Benz Guide for the C-Class on your smartphone and tablet.

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